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New Jersey Wedding Receptions

“With a strong foundation, anything is possible…”

In love. In life. In anything we do.

The success and perseverance of an immigrant family, coming to America, is often inspiring and heartwarming. Couple that with learning a new language, falling in love and starting a family, you have a triumphant story that must be shared.

With over twenty-three years of success at the Bridgewater Manor, couples who have hosted their New Jersey wedding receptions here often wonder where it all began. Knowing only of the transition from one banquet venue to another, twenty-one years before, most people are intrigued by our history.

In 1955, with the migration of two separate families, fate which began in Italy would blossom in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Within the Region of Calabria, Italy – stood two cities: Spilinga and Tropea. The birthplace to: Anna Barritta and Pasquale Vizzoni. Headed to America with the promise for a better life, both families would soon settle and begin their lives in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

In 1960, Anna and Pasquale Vizzoni began their courtship and were married shortly after in 1961. Together, with an unsurpassed determination, they continued to learn the language and build their first business: Boulevard Meat Market.

As Pasquale’s dream to become a builder became more apparent, they sold their business to “build homes.” With the sale of their first “spec home,” Anna still recalls Pasquale’s words … “I want to build homes!”

One thousand homes later, Pasquale and Anna knew their hard work and dedication had paid off! As Pasquale proved himself time and time again with an immeasurable work ethic, they began their own family in 1963.

As the proud parents to five children, Anna and Pasquale continued to raise their family in Kenilworth. As a tried and true businessman, Pasquale would venture into other businesses learning all he could about each industry. With the support of their friends and family, Anna and Pasquale continued to give back in appreciation.

Little by little, Anna and Pasquale would bring their family members to the United States. As their extended family flourished, Anna and Pasquale would continue to share their success with all of those around them.

In 1988, their passion for life, love and food would spark their new found obsession for the catering business. The Bridgewater Manor would be the newest venue in town and its success would depend on the Vizzoni Family.

Together, the Bridgewater Manor would flourish and continue to be recognized for its unsurpassed cuisine and reputation. Storming past its competitors, the Bridgewater Manor would become a leader in Somerset County for all of its offerings, including premier New Jersey wedding receptions.

For Anna and Pasquale Vizzoni, the richness of their lives have not come through monetary things, yet through the immeasurable love they have experienced from their children and fifteen grandchildren. As each one of their children have become successful and carried their parent’s work ethic throughout their own lives, Anna and Pasquale grow more proud each and every day.

Today, leading this success is one of its owners and managing partners, Pat Vizzoni. Third son to Anna and Pasquale, Pat Vizzoni has helped take a family vision and make it reality. The concept behind the Bridgewater Manor may not seem all that unique, but the core of people that brought this vision together is extraordinary.

At the young age of 23, Pat Vizzoni walked through these doors as the General Manager of a Banquet Facility he knew little about. He watched and learned patiently until he knew everything there was to know, and then slowly, Pat began to allow his vision to shine through.

He began by setting standards for his staff on products and performance that he would not waiver on. Pat felt that if their clients were coming to the Bridgewater Manor and trusting them with the most important day of their lives, they in turn should make sure that every detail was nothing less then perfect at their New Jersey wedding reception.

Pat has led by example and brought the right group of people together. He is a hard working family man who shows respect and kindness to those around him. By earning that respect, he has helped to create the Bridgewater Manor, one of the top Wedding Venues in Central New Jersey.  




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